New digital technologies are there: face the changes

All these changes are creating new types of interactions and customers expectations. Find out how XPLUS can help you.

Solution: Digital architecture

Our specialists know how to go into detail and make your IT architecture work, using the latest technologies.
We deliver technology business solutions to maximize your return on investment.

• Functional and Technical Solution Architecture
• Software Architecture and Design
• Enterprise Integration Solutions, Microservices
• Internet of Things (IoT)
•Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Enable: XPLUS Academy

With our program Growing Internal Architects and Program Managers, we support you to attract new IT engineers, business and IT architects and program managers and we increase the retention of these highly valuable profiles.
• Architect, Engineer and Program Manager Assessment
• Trainings (Soft skills -story telling and systems thinking-, and Hard skills)
• On-the-job coaching and individual follow-up
• We offer an Executive Master of Enterprise Architecture in collaboration with the University of Antwerp Management School


Get to know the people behind XPLUS. Our creative and technical team.

XPLUS, your strategic partner in Digital Transformation.

We help organizations define and implement opportunities for value creation in the areas of IT and business strategy, large scale transformations, enterprise architecture, program management and organizational Change and Agile. What sets us apart is our unique approach, methods and models, combining in-depth knowledge of strategic and operational levels and Scalable Agile delivery frameworks.

You can be part of it. XPLUS is more than a simple network of professionals. We create a real community of interests through our unique academy offering and knowledge sharing.

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XPLUS, uw strategische partner bij digitale transformatie.

XPLUS, votre partenaire stratégique dans la transformation digitale.