XPLUS assists its customers in designing, integrating and implementing Salesforce successfully.


Business Architecture

At XPLUS, we are able to challenge and design Customer & Employee Journeys that are implementable, as they are aligned with architecture.
We rely on our expertise (constraints, pitfalls) to slice the delivery of these journeys in an agile way and therefore improve time to market

IT & Solution Architecture

We help our customers integrating Salesforce in their application landscape from a neutral or software independent perspective. Therefore making the best future proof choices for our customers.

XPLUS Academy

At XPLUS, helping our customers to grow, is a passion. We therefore offer classical or individual trainings in:

* Designing customer & employee journeys/ process redesign
* Capability mapping & integration architecture/ Enterprise on a page
* Salesforce (advanced) administrator preparation

Salesforce Implementation

At XPLUS, we accompany our customers in their salesforce implementation by providing a large number of experienced and certified:

*Program/ integration architects
* Salesforce consultants (Sales, Servicing, Marketing…)
* Program/ Project managers
* Business analysts/ process engineers