We support our clients to evolve to greater innovation, delivery speed and flexibility in their organizations.


Scalable Agile and Spotify alike Organizational Change

•XPLUS has a pragmatic approach to start fast, learn by doing and gradually build a self-learning organization
•Based on the SAFe framework, implemented in a pragmatic way
•Using continuous improvement
•Using a phased approach, where we focus first on a few teams, and gradually rolling out across the organization

Organization Blueprint and Change Management

We support our clients to evolve to greater innovation, delivery speed and flexibility in their organizations, building and implementing blueprints for organizational effectiveness applying agile techniques.

Governance and Performance Management

In this digital age, governance and performance management are getting more and more important. We help organizations improve their corporate governance and enterprise performance management models.
Through our collaborative approach, with a focus on thought leadership, XPLUS offers extensive value creation to clients with pragmatic governance models and performance management lifecycles on all organizational levels.

Business, Functional and Technical Analysis

In our current society, Business and IT are intertwined and IT policies are no longer a 'nice-to-have' but a 'must' for a successful business. Smooth processes, smooth information flow, effective and user-friendly applications, etc. are necessary to cope with the competition, to make the customers happy and increase their efficiency.
Therefore we have an Analysis and Delivery services unit that focuses on sector specific business, functional and technical analysis (banking, insurance, utilities, telco, media, social security, automotive, retail, logistics and transport).

Program, Project Management and PMO

We have a large number of experienced program and project managers, who have extensive knowledge of all the regular methods such as Agile/Scrum, Prince2 and PMBOK.
* We have developed a large set of methods and tools to proactively manage different project phases within large programs.
* We also provide the Project Management Office (PMO) support to track and report issues, risks, change requests and monitor budgets and resources.
* This PMO is supporting both program and architectural work.

UI and UX design

XPLUS also has a number of specialists who can help you to build or improve your User Interface Design and User Experience.
* We can start with your customer proposition strategy, and translate this into your customer journeys, and the impact on the sales and service flows
* We also have extensive experience in the improvement of your multi- or omni-channel strategy and the impact on your organization

Infrastructure Rationalization and Security Solutions

Our rationalization techniques help our clients in :
• the identification of the standards needed to move towards the elimination of the
complexity and silos
• the optimization of the IT maturity level :
o Starting from IT silos
o Going over standardized technologies applying rationalization
o Towards an optimized automated, virtualized and consolidated core
o Finalizing the IT as a secure service using cloud computing (SAAS, PAAS, IAAS) and shared IT services

Agile Coaching, Implementation and Training

XPLUS offers experts in Agile, Scrum, SAFe and Agile alike methods
* We offer coaching in your organization
* We provide class room training & workshops
* We develop Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Dev teams