The Wearable Bank

By Patrice Kerremans
In a sense a banking app on a mobile phone is already ‘Wearable’. Yet having apps on a Smart Watch or other ‘really’ wearable devices will allow us to do all kinds of new interesting interactions in general and with our banks specifically. Take Google Glasses, imagine them being available in normal looking designs 5 years from now. This is bound to happen and it will offer some serious possibilities. Already today some banks are experimenting with it:
CaixaBank has created an app allowing users to follow stock markets and convert currencies using their Google Glass devices and smartwatches
Westpac has their Cash Tank app on Google Glass apps, allowing users to check their balance and wire money.
Identifying yourself with a Smart Wearable Device, will rid us from the many cards. We’ll be able to do this with our phones as well of course, but still having a ring, glasses or a watch is that tad bit easier. Let’s see if consumers agree… Interesting times ahead.