Shadow IT: prepare to the inevitable

By Frédéric Crabbe Shadow IT describes IT systems and solutions created and implemented within organisations without explicit approval or knowledge from the IT department. In the current a high-efficiency workplace, Shadow IT occurs even more. Widespread available cloud-based solutions can and are often used by employees to better manage the increasing demands of their jobs. Often IT departments are also causing their own security issues due to inefficient response times which are forcing employees to find (non-approved) alternatives. Most IT departments react defensively to Shadow IT. However, in order to avoid a “IT vs. Business” mentality, IT should change its attitude towards shadow IT and create a positive, engaged and customer-driven approach. A possible start could be to focus on observing and encouraging social dialogue outside of traditional methods of interaction. Often, the only time the business talks to IT is when something has already been broken. This needs to change. So rather than IT killing all of these business initiatives directly upon discovery, collaborating with the business and bridging the disconnect gap can be a better solution.